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We aim to improve animal quality of life by providing best medical care and advice to the
owner. We provide good quality small animal and exotics animal general services and
emergency services.

Services animal

⭐️Dogs and cats

We suggest yearly body check and vaccination for your pets.
Newly purchased/ adopted puppies and kittens
We suggest you to bring in to the vet clinic for a basic checkup
Deworming + flea prevention
Virus testing

Senior dogs and cats
Dogs and cats that are above 7 years of age advise to have a general blood profile checkup

Body check


Newly purchased bird
We suggest PBFD (Psittacine beak and feather disease) and ABV (Avian Bornavirus) testing
before adding into the collection. We also provide bird sexing DNA test.
We suggest body check with your veterinarian every 6-12 months to keep your bird healthy.

A 6 months full body checkup is recommended to make sure they have the best quality of
life and prevent late diagnosis of diseases.
We suggest desexing after 6 months of age to prevent uterine mass or other pathological
changes. A regular blood test is recommend to keep tract on their renal and liver function.
Gut stasis is common and is an emergency in rabbit, if your rabbit stop eating for more than
12 hours. Bring to the vet immediately and provide immediate medical care.


Regular dental check and body check every 6 months are recommended for keeping a
Gut stasis is common and is an emergency in chinchilla , if your chinchilla stop eating for
more than 12 hours. Bring to the vet immediately and provide immediate medical care.


It is recommended that your ferret receives canine distemper vaccine. Canine distemper
disease is a deadly disease, it is common in dogs and it is highly infectious. Symptoms of
canine distemper included severe upper respiratory symptoms (sneezing, coughing,
pneumonia), fever, skin problem and death.
Vaccination is important to keep your ferret from this deadly disease. Some reactions might
seen in vaccinated ferret, included injection site reaction, dull, decrease appetite. But most
of the time the post-vaccination reaction is mild and does not require treatment.


We recommend bring in your hamster for a regular check every 3-4 months.

Common problem seen
Wet tail disease
Neoplasia / lump
Dental problem

⭐️Guniea pig

Common problem seen
Upper respiratory infection
External parasite
Skin problem
Gut stasis
Urinary problem
Dental problem


Common problem
External parasite
Internal parasite
Uterine problem
Tumour / lump
It is recommended to bring in your hedgehog to the vet clinic if your female hedgehog is
peeing out blood or blood seen in the cage.


WC and CB reptiles will all have parasitic problem. Environmental changes and stress will
increase the parasite load.
We recommend to bring in your newly purchased reptiles for stool test and deworm.
A faecal test is recommended every 3 months to make sure the parasite load is normal.

Service category

Functional Endoscopic Surgery

General consult

Senior pets body checkup


Spay and castration
Lump removal
Other soft tissue surgeries

Export and health certificate

Parasite control

Heartworm prevention
Small animal and exotics animal deworming


Allergy testing and treatment

Other service


Puppy and kitten vaccination
Annual vaccination
Rabies vaccine
Other exotics animal vaccination


Oral exam
Polish and scale
Teeth removal
Incision trim
Rabbit, chinchilla, Guinea pig dental

Senior pets advise


Full blood profile

Cremation service

Business hours : Monday to Sunday 1000-2000(Closed on Monday & Wednesday)

Noah’s Ark small animal & exotics hospital
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We will organize pet education and life education workshops and lectures for different age groups from time to time.

Service organizations / private negotiation workshops and seminars are also welcome


Thanks to the attending doctor and the help
Raised body completes physical examination without stress
I will be glad to run into the veterinary clinic for the first time
Ms. Cui

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